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Homeschool in Louisiana

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If you are looking for information about homeschooling in Louisiana please check out the links on the left.

News Links
Vitter Offers Up Homeschool Bills - Vitter goes to Capitol Hill with homeschool bills.
Joyce and Eric Burges Recipients of the 2012 Dr. Robert Dreyfus Courageous Christian Leadership Award - Christian News Wire story about founders of National Black Home Educators (NBHE) as the recipients of the 2012 Dr. Robert Dreyfus Courageous Christian Leaders Award.

Families turn to homeschooling after Newtown, Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook - News story about more families who have turned to homeschooling as an educational option after this tragic school shooting.

African-Americans increasingly turn to home-schooling- Fox news story about the rise in African- Americans homeschooling.

Research Facts - Looking for research facts about homeschooling. You might want to check out this page from National Home Education Research Institute:

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