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Homeschool in Louisiana

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How to Information
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How to homeschool in Louisiana:

There are two options if you choose to homeschool in Louisiana:
1. You can use the home study option.
For information about the home study program follow this link:
2. You can homeschool as a private school.
For the private (nonpublic) school option you must submit a letter of intent notifying the Department of Education by the 30th day after your school session begins. The letter needs to contain the following information: school year, name of school, contact information, number of students enrolled and your signature.
You must register each year in order to be in compliance with Louisiana's compulsory attendance laws (R.S. 17:232 (C) and (D)).
Mail letters to:

Dr. Susan A. Aysenne, Director
Division of Educational Improvement and Assistance
P.O. Box 94064-9064
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
For more information about the private school option follow this link:
Homeschool in Louisiana offers information only. Please visit the Department of Educations website to make sure you are in compliance with Louisiana State Laws.


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